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Celebrating Ms. Dorothy Jackson's 20 Years at the Credit Union

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06 Mar 2020
Celebrating Ms. Dorothy Jackson's 20 Years at the Credit Union

March is International Women’s Month, and at CICSA Co-op Credit Union, we’d like to kick off those celebrations, by honoring one of our long-serving and hard-working women, Ms. Dorothy Jackson.

The Credit Union staff recently held a special celebration for Ms. Dorothy who retired after 20 years of service. Many employees shared meaningful stories about working with Ms. Dorothy over the years and she also shared with co-workers some words of wisdom on living a fulfilling life and making the most of our Credit Union service.

Dorothy, who is 75 years young, was the “voice” of the Credit Union as the receptionist since 2000. People may not have known her face when they called, however it was not easy to forget her very cultured voice when she said, “Good Morning. This is Dorothy. How may I direct your call?”

Although Ms. Dorothy is retiring, she does not see this transition as a formal retirement, but rather just the start of an exciting new journey full of many new possibilities. On her final day at the Credit Union she gave us some great advice on what we can do to remain successful in our careers.

“Put God first. Love and help one another because we are supposed to be one happy family. We spend more time here than we do at home. In my estimation, we don’t live anywhere, we live at the Credit Union. So, make it a happy home! Bend your muscles to the task and bend your shoulder to the wheel. There are lots of opportunities. I wish there were as many opportunities when I was younger. So, grasp and make use of opportunities while you can.”

All that have worked with her are blessed to know someone with such a positive outlook. We wish Ms. Dorothy much happiness and continued blessings in her new journey!