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*New Fees are listed below bold and in blue

Loan Processing Fees
*Discharge of Lein on Property Fee $25.00
*Loan Reference Fee $50.00
Lending Commission Free

*Consent for Changes on Property

Legal-Conveyance Fee Free


Other Charges
Statement Re-Print per page $2.00
Courier Charges $10.00
Photocopies per page $2.00
Screen Print Outs per page $2.00
Returned Cheque NSF $20.00
*KYD or USD Local Cheques - Per Cheque Request $5.00
*KYD or USD Local Cheques - Youth Accounts (Age 0-17) Free
*KYD or USD Local Cheques - Senior Citizens (Age 65+) Free


ATM Transactions
ATM Deposits Free
ATM Withdrawals per transaction Free
ATM Transfers Free
ATM Card Replacement $15.00
Reference Letters
Regular 3 Day Service $20.00
Same Day Service $30.00
Breaking of Fixed Deposits
$1,000 to $499,999 $150.00
$450,000 and above $150.00
Call Back Verifications
Local $2.00
Overseas $5.00
Withdrawal Fee
*Per Transaction $1.00
*Cayman Brac Members Free
Within the past 6 months (per hour) $25.00
Over 6 months (per hour) $40.00
*Stop Payments $20.00
Cash Deposit Handling
Cash Handling up to $5,000.00 Free
Cash Handling Over $5,000.00 0.50%
Coin Handling over $5.00 $2.00
Student Saving Accounts
Monthly Fee Free
In Branch Deposits Free
Standing Orders
Set Up Fee $5.00
Amendment Fee $5.00
Standing Order $10.00
CU Loan Payments Free
Internal Transfers
Over the Counter Free
Instructions via phone/email Free
Transfer (same ACCT# to same ACCT#) Free
Transfer to CU Youth Accounts Free
Account transfers (One Account to Another) Free
Delinquency Fees
Late Loan Payment Fee - per month $35.00
Online Banking Fees
Online Banking Set up Free
Online Password Reset Free
Online Banking Transactions Free
Compliance Fees
Closed Accounts within 3 months of being opened $5.00
Dormant Account Fee $45.00
Maintenance Charge Free
Non-Compliant Fee - per month $75.00
Return Mail Fee - return per item (statements are sent out twice per year) $15.00
*Technology/Compliance Fee - Monthly $2.00
*Technology/Compliance Fee -  Youth Accounts (Age 0-17) Free
*Technology/Compliance Fee - Senior Citizens Free