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Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials 

On 9 February 2020 we asked our members to tell us at least 3 reasons why they love our Credit Union, we received 588 responses, here are some:

Jodene said "The love relationship I share with Credit Union from a customer's view is a very open-door family feeling. Credit Union can never be labelled as just any bank. It overshadows what other banks refuse to do. They work with you! I always feel at home, even down to the securities are as a family. The credit union is the only lending institution that gave me a chance where I was able to obtain a loan for my first property at the tender age of 18. The credit union is the only place where you could truly get assistance with a smile and loan officers that really cared. I want to thank the many staff members on and off the job who have always been helpful and there for me in times of hardship. I am proud to say Credit Union in the Cayman Islands will always be my # 1. Where can you going if you need quick cash? An overdraft? Help with getting you a car? A mortgage with a savings program? Basically, a bonus to look forward to every year even in times of covid-19!!!  CREDIT UNION!!! #1 THANK YOU!!"

Delvina said  " I am a retired career Civil Servant, member of about 45years with my beloved Credit Union. It has encouraged me to save and borrow with much ease and minimal charges. When I go to the Credit Union, I feel at home and not like 'just a customer.' I receive friendly professional service, not to mention I can interact with folks I normally do not see elsewhere...Priceless!"

Shari said "I love the friendly and courteous staff that makes you feel like your part of a family. The great communication that the Credit Union maintains with its members is a breath of fresh air; I am always well informed of upcoming events, promotions and more.  But most of all I love the sense of financial empowerment, as a member.  I feel that with the Credit Union my money is working for me, with no hidden fees, with a share accounts I can gain dividends and truly save for my future." 

Topaz said 
"I love the Credit Union because I'm always greeted with a friendly smile. When I was pregnant, I was always pushed to the front of the line, easy on my legs and back.  Customer service was always ready to answer any questions I had. I was always greeted by a fellow Caymanian, something I rarely see in my own society. The location is in a great place, allowing me to get other errands done. During the worst of the Covid lockdowns, Credit Union reached out and helped buy food for my family. Staff Members always remember the holidays to bring a warm spirit into our homes. Parking was never an issue as they made sure members had enough space. My elderly father was always a priority as the Credit Union has a line just for the elderly. There's always a new promotion going on at the Credit Union to soften the load, so many of us face day-to-day. The ATM is always available, and if there's ever a problem, we are emailed any changes. I trust Credit Union."

Sue-Ann said "My money is safe at the Credit Union. Therefore, I do not worry about my money. The member service has been great. The Credit Union has provided the services I need. I was able to access a mortgage to purchase my first home,  and my family was able to close the loan while I was overseas for medical reasons. The loans department service was beneficial."

Victor said "Stability, Good Management, Assists with the Local Economy"

Salaiman said "Unlike a bank or other financial institutions where every transaction feels like a client and uptight business personnel, in the Credit Union it feels like home with family, you always have a sense of belonging and confidence there. I love it for that. Every single visit to the credit union the staff members always deliver me with a WOW in their excellent service. I love it for that. The Credit Union keeps getting better all the time. I love it for that." 

Weston said "I love that, unlike other banks that only charge fees that are way more than the interest given on one's savings, credit union gives dividends. Easy access to financial support, whether it be a vacation loan or a top-up, its easy to get help from a credit union. The special club, because credit union only clients are government workers and families, it's like an exclusive bank only for us. No fees on atm use and there is only one atm, so it keeps you from spending hance excessively help you to save money."  

Shari said "I love the friendly and courteous staff that makes you feel like your part of a family. The great communication that the Credit Union maintains with its members is a breath of fresh air, and I am always well informed of upcoming events, promotions and more.  But most of all I love the sense of financial empowerment, as a member, I feel that with the Credit Union my money is working for me, with no hidden fees, with share accounts I can gain dividends and truly save for my future." 

Carmilee said "I enjoy lower loan interest rates and higher saving rates on savings and dividend returns. Our Credit Union holds a powerful and respectful presence on our Island and brings no reputational risk to the Islands. The Board of directors and faculty are well known and reputable persons; therefore, when I enter the building, I get a feeling of ownership and family surrounding  - unlike the other institutions I feel like an unwelcome stranger standing in line." 

Jodiann said "Credit Union(CU)  is the place to be! Three reasons why I love My Credit Union: Love the Staff- this is a triple complement- each time I walk through the doors I am kindly and pleasantly greeted by security, and I get to see familiar face all the time. I also love that the credit union hires the younger generation as most front end staff seems to be young! Love the savings- In all ways and forms, CU is trying to help customers save! Love the marketing- Weekly updates, daily emails, instant customer service feedback for transactions, competitions I enjoy reading them all! CU has a love for the community, customers and care! "

Kin said "Friendly staff, families like atmosphere, great loan products and dividends."

 Janelle said "I love Our Credit Union; I love it oh so much. The products and the service is the best it is top-notch. I love the friendly faces with smiles that know no ends, and when December comes I love the dividends, in a jam and need some urgent funds? I love the express loans, and I love the within share since I can leave my savings alone. There are so many things that I love about our credit union, but my fifth and final reason is that the staff has excellent customer service no matter the time day or season."

Steven said "I love the credit union because it is such a friendly, helpful bank always genuinely interested in my welfare and finances. It pays such good dividends regularly. The staff are so friendly and form a great network of excellence across the whole bank. Bravo to all." 

Kayla said "Because of the staff. Every interaction is always pleasant, polite and friendly. They always know the answers to any questions and in the past had gone the extra mile to assist even when it wasn't expected. The truest form of Cayman Kind." 

Gladys said "Because is the best corporation on the island,  trusted and always work for the best for the customers I love credit union." 

Dwight said "I love our credit union because it always helps its members. Our credit union also helps us to save. And give you benefits that none of the commercial banks gives you."

Reina said "I love my Credit Union because they will always find a way to help me...I never leave this place empty hands; their motto should be " we have a solution for your needs." 

Sandra said  "When I am financially stressed, and I visit Credit Union, there is always some financial benefit to be had. I never come away disappointed." 

Dwayne said "I love Credit Union because I get to save while paying my loan, I get paid dividends on my share account with returns higher than other banks, and I love that the online banking is so simple and user friendly. " 

Raphel said "They are so many reasons I love Credit Union. The staff from senior to junior are always willing to help. Even my time working there, I've gain friends for life. Credit Union helped so many people and contributed so much to the community. Most of all, I love credit union for being there for me in my time of need. Forever grateful" 

 Jevoli said "I love my Credit Union, because they are friendly, the process is efficient, and they are  always thinking of ways to meet the needs of their members, and best of all they encourage you to save."

Michelle said "Staff are very reliable and helpful. I always get a quick response regarding any need or application I submit. I love credit union because I never had a bad experience and the customer service team is very helpful and responsible toward customers." 

Tamara said "Accommodating, efficient and convenient describes the Credit Union Family. It's the people's savings haven." 

Audrey said "I can remember joining the Credit Union when l first came on August 25th 1996 to teach at Savannah. My girls had benefited re grants when they started  University, and also during Hurricane Ivan. Assistance, encouragement,  and a sure help re advanced monthly. Yes, l am thankful, oh and after so long to get my second car completely 100% loan. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks!!! I was glad l came on board when l did. 20 years later, l still trust my credit union to the MAX...HIP! HIP! HOORAY!!!! A BLESSING everything." 

Gladys said "Customer service reps that I deal with are Intelligent, passionate and well mannered.  I find the Credit Union my most loved banking institution.  Never charges a withdrawal fee and gives a decent dividend." 

Miles said
 "I love my Credit Union because it is so easy to save with the payroll deduction; I feel my money is safe because I choose not to have an ATM card, so access to my savings is not as easy or convenient; and getting a personal loan was easy and seamless with good rates."

Denise said "I love the Credit Union for being there in times of real need. Credit Union assisted me with putting my son through college. Sometimes I used to feel so embarrassed by asking for salary advance, but the tellers are so professional."

Paulette said "Credit Union will at all times do everything possible to help or assist members with any issues faced with.  They are very efficient, reliable, quick with their responses and caring.  They find and create different ways for members to get the help we need.  These are some of the many ways I appreciate their services more than any other financial institute.  Overdraft, share loan, express loan, character loan, salary advance, personal loan and more.   No other financial institution cares like Credit Union.  Credit Union also looks out for struggling members.  No other financial institution cares that way." 

Katheryn said "The staff there are friendly and welcoming each time I visit, including security! The process of applying for a loan is seamless, and...whenever I open my email and see the credit union -I quickly open to find out all of the updated news they have for me! Thank you for always keeping me informed! "

Joset said "For me, CU is the main root, and I am the trunk. It is always willing to guide, help and just according to what my family and I can afford when our finance is constrained." 

 Zorah said "Since opening my Credit Union account, I've found so much comfort in financial security. I‚ lôve learned how to save, and this has allowed me opportunities in investments and just living comfortably with no worries."

Donald said "Because their customer service is the best of all the Banks Iôve been to, the agents are very courteous and goes beyond their duty, when I enter its door basically everyone is seen that you get the best treatment that can be offered. I particularly like the way they treat their seniors, even private parking for the seniors, even the security guard is very accommodating, from the time you enter until the time you leave, now that CUSTOMER SERVICE WITH A SMILE he makes me feel good, The credit Union is constantly trying to please their customers, and naturally, I'm a shareholder and dividends are great, I'm only sorry that I didn't join many years ago." 

Byron said "The credit union has provided the services I needed over the years. These include loans, mortgages, savings and atm cards. The staff are friendly and courteous. The credit union is safe, and I feel comfortable to save to  use the credit union." 

Nathina said
 "Credit staff treats you with love upon arrival.  Credit union communication between their clients are extraordinary and over and beyond most times. Credit union don't make me feel a way when I seek answers to anything I don't understand. They make u feel like their more than just a union." 

Mareka said "I love the credit union because they value us as their members, catered to our needs, and encourage savings. With the credit Union members get something back in the form of dividends that are awarded yearly. No matter how small it is, some savings. Also, the Credit Union give to the community and support education developments through the educational grant program. Credit Union values its members."