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Who We Are

The Cayman Islands Civil Service Association (CICSA) Co-operative Credit Union Limited (the “Credit Union”) was incorporated in the Cayman Islands in 1976 under the provisions of the Cooperative Societies Law and operates as a non-profit organisation receiving savings and making loans to members.

The Credit Union was formed by seven civil servants who were members of the Cayman Islands Civil Service Association (CICSA). The seven founding members, Mr. Gilbert McLean, Mr. Louis Moncrieffe, Mr. John (Lemuel) Hurlston, Mr. Colford Scott, Mr. Ray Miller (deceased), Ms. Rachael Ebanks, and Mr. George McCarthy assisted by the “Matron” of the Credit Union, Mrs. Cicely Delapenha (deceased), started with $35 ($5 each). Their vision, 47 years later with over 17,000 members and assets in excess of $400M, is still shared today.

The Credit Union is governed by the Cooperative Societies Law as well as a set of Rules approved by members at general meetings.

Our governance structure is strengthened internally by: 

  • The role and functions of an elected Credit Committee. 
  • The role and functions of an elected Supervisory Committee. 
  • The control functions are performed by an Internal Auditor and a Chief Risk & Compliance Officer.
Governance of our Credit Union is further enhanced by: 
  • Annual external audits performed by a “Big Four” accounting firm. 
  • Regulation by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).
  • Our Credit Union forms part of the global credit union organisation with membership in the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU), which in turn is a member of the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU).
As such we endeavour to uphold the cooperative principles of: 
  • Voluntary membership 
  • Democratic member control 
  • Member economic participation 
  • Autonomy and independence 
  • Financial education, training, information
  • Cooperation among cooperatives 
  • Concern for the community

As a financial institution primarily funded through member deposits, the Credit Union remains very aware that depositors rely on dividends to live and save for the future. However, borrowers are equally faced with the pressure of trying to create security for their families through residential or personal borrowing. As a member-owned and communityfocused organisation, the Credit Union tries to meet both sets of demands from borrowers and depositors with equal focus.

Our , Vision & Mission

  • Purpose- To provide our members with easier access to financial services, helping them to improve their quality of life.
  • Vision- To be the first-choice financial services provider for all eligible members while maximizing their returns.
  • Mission- The mission of our Credit Union is to offer excellent service to our members, enabling them to achieve their financial goals while positively impacting the wider community.
Our Values
  • Professionalism,
  • Respect,
  • Integrity,
  • Helpfulness, and
  • Commitment