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Hurricane Preparedness - Volume 1

  • Hurricane Preparedness
29 May 2020
Hurricane Preparedness - Volume 1

The Hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30th and as we enter this hurricane season, preparation can help minimize the impact that a hurricane and other natural disasters can have on you and your family. Physical preparations such as protecting your household and having essential items on hand is critical, however, ensuring that appropriate financial steps are in place before the hurricane will allow you to quickly regain your financial foundation.


The Credit Unions’ Business Continuity Measures

As a key member of the business community, the Credit Union maintains a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan managed by key employees throughout the organization to guarantee readiness for hurricanes, other natural disasters and unexpected situations.

Some of the measures in place are:

  • Our banking systems have stringent backup processes.
  • Staff have and continue to receive awareness training.
  • We offer services remotely, including setting up off-site offices and enabling staff to work remotely from home.
  • We continue to ensure the safety and security of funds, so they remain available and accessible.


Ensuring Member Safety and Access to Financial Services

The CICSA Co-operative Credit Union is committed to ensuring access to financial services in a safe environment. There are several ways we can provide services before and after a hurricane or other disasters.

The Credit Union has proven that the following services work proficiently for Members who cannot visit our branches.

  • ATM
  • Remote service via email and phone calls
  • Online bank transfers
  • Apply for loans via email
  • Set up ATM and Online banking access via email


Stay Informed!

We encourage Members to stay informed by frequently visiting the Hazard Management website, this is the official, government source for all hurricane and disaster-related information.


What’s Next?

For Members, the most important step to begin preparation is to start talking with family and friends about the specifics of your personal hurricane plan.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Credit Union hurricane preparedness series where we provide Members with useful tips on getting your finances in order and ensuring all important documents are safe before and after a hurricane.